Grade UNS Uses
C360 C36000 Free-cutting Brass. The standard for machinability (100). Excellent machining characteristics with good corrosion resistance. ASTM B16. 
C464 C46400 Naval Brass. Excellent corrosion resistance. Good forming and forging characteristics. An alloy of tin and zinc. ASTM B21.
C485 C48500 Naval Brass leaded. Excellent machinability with the lead addition but not very good cold-work traits. ASTM B21.
C694 C69400 Silicon Brass. Excellent wear resistance. Great for hot working but not cold working. Good machinability. ASTM B371, B249.
C110 C11000 Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper. Excellent electrical conductivity with high formability. Excellent corrosion resistance. ASTM B133, B187.


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