Barmilling is an excellent alternative to extruding or cold drawing for low volume requirements or prototype manufacturing. Advantages include:

NO minimum quantities!

Most extruders require minimum weight quantities to fabricate a special shape. Able will run ONE bar if that is all you require!

No need for finishing the surface! 

Able can produce to 32 RMS and .002" tolerance.

Low cost tooling!

Our process uses HSS form cutters and milling cutters which are much less expensive than extrusion dies. On basic operations such as slabbing and slotting, there are NO tooling costs at all!

Less handling!

All shapes are fabricated in stock lengths from 3' to 24' and can then be cut to whatever thickness you require.


ANY type of material

Aluminum Stainless steel Brass
Bronze Hi-temp alloys Copper
Alloy steel Carbon steel Titanium